Madison Alabama American Legion Post 229

American Legion Post 229 Foundation, Inc.  (New in 2023

1.  Madison American Legion Post 229 is both a 501(c)19 veteran organization and also now an official 501(c)3 charity organization! 

(Extract) ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF  "American Legion Post 229 Foundation, Inc... The purposes for which the Corporation is organized is/(are) to provide: charitable donations and services to living and deceased military members, veterans, and their families; sponsorship of public service and military-affiliated educational youth programs, and community­ based educational, patriotic activities and events. In these regards, the Corporation is to solicit, collect, receive, accumulate, administer, use and disburse funds and property in such a manner as will, as determined by the members as provided for in the bylaws of this corporation, most effectively operate to further such charitable and educational purposes. To do any or all of the things hereinabove set forth, and all things usual, necessary or proper in furtherance ofor incidental to said purposes. Said Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, as set forth under Section 50l(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding Section of any future tax code."

2.  Companies, organizations, individuals or anonymous donors can send checks to: Commander, American Legion Post 229, P.O. Box 194, Madison, AL 35758.  Please annotate if donated to the American Legion Post 229 Foundation, Inc., a new 501(c)3,  (or) to the existing 501(c)(19) of the IRS Tax Code.  (Note: Other donations to Post 229, e.g., the Auxiliary are separate and not within scope of this 501(c)3 articles of incorporation.)  Other donations may be specified for JRTOTC, etc., separately.  Post 229's Finance Officer may provide a receipt if requested.  Note: A direct online bank deposit method is being worked out, using an application and a QR code link for direct deposits will be provided here.)

3. Donations and contributors are listed under the following categories each fiscal year and retained for 2 years.

“Special Metals” Legion 501(c)3 Donations unless otherwise noted:

  • TITANIUM:   $25K up to $49,999K
  • PLATINUM:   $10K up to $24,999
  • GOLD:    $1K up to $9,999

$5,000 - AL State Senator Tom Butler (Jun 2023)

$1,000 – Sigmatech Inc. (Jun 2023)

  • SILVER:    $100 up to $999

$600 – First Command (Sep 2023) 

$500 – Redstone Federal Credit Union (Jun 2023)

$250 - Signalink, Inc.  (Note: a 501(c)19 Donation - May 2023)

$250 – Woodbridge (Aug 2023)

$250 – Elizabeth Hernandez (Aug 2023)

$100 – RTX Vets (May 2023)

  • ALUMINUM:   $10 up to $99.00

$25 – D.J. Marr (May 2023)

$25 - Richard Eissler (Oct 2023)

$20 - Brady Rogers (Oct 2023)