Madison Alabama American Legion Post 229


American Legion Post 229

General Membership Meeting Minutes, June 13, 2019



Call to Order

The membership meeting was held at the Masonic Lunar Lodge #918, 740 Eastview Drive, Madison starting at 7:00pm. The meeting was called to order by Commander Larry Vannoy. Prayer was given by Chaplain Andy Caudle.

Legionnaires in attendance: Larry Vannoy – Commander, Earl Watts – 1st Vice, Tommy Whitten – Second Vice, Stacey Harring – Adjutant, Robert Kirby – Finance Officer, Chris Brown – Judge Advocate, Andrew Caudle – Chaplain, Richard Blanton, Jr. – Historian, Tom McKinney – Americanism, Mike Marcel – Sergeant at Arms, Bill McGahey, Cherish Croft, Rick Jarrell, David Silvernail, Tim Omen, Justin Kulhmann (guest), Lawrence Fraves, Edward Durst, Ethel Durst, Charles Drown.


Don Rice, a member who recently passed away and donated his body to science did not have a flag to be presented to his wife Birdie at the funeral.  Andy Caudle was able to get a flag and presented it to her in a shadow box this evening.

Approval of the Minutes – Minutes were voted to be accepted by the group after a motion by Bill McGahey and seconded by Earl Watts, motion passed.


Sick and shut ins – None

Memorial Day – Poppies at three local Walmart stores, after expenses, the post cleared about $2400.  Mike Ball was the speaker at our event at the Veteran’s Park.  It was very successful and we had participation by numerous citizens. 

Adjutant – The legion year ends 1 July, and we have now hit 100%, at 327 members.  We gained 39 new members who have been transferred from the Alabama post; welcome letters went out this month. I made contact with the Gold Star family; we voted to donate $500 and a check will be sent. One of their boys was ill tonight so they could not attend our meeting tonight.  I have purchased the candy bars we voted to donate to Tut Fann, and are here if someone could drop them off.  Earl Watts made a motion to approve the Adjutant report Andy Caudel seconded; the Post approved. 

Finance Report – The accounts have been moved to Redstone Federal Credit Union.  Finance report was passed out.  A motion to approve was made by Bill McGahey and seconded by Mike Marcel; motion passed. 

Chris Brown, did an audit on our accounts, as stated in the bi-laws.  There were a few minor expenses that were over-runs.  There was a discussion on the 2020-2021 budget.  Chris Brown made a motion to have a 10% buffer in this year’s budget over last year.   Bill McGahey made a motion to approve, and was seconded by Earl Watts; the Post approved.  A discussion was had about a letter that will go out to our members asking if they are able to donate to see if they could get a corporate match to that donation as well.  Park maintenance will be taken out of the general budget and will have its own budget for the park maintenance account.  Tommy Whitten made a motion to approve the budget as presented with discussed changes and seconded by Andy Caudle. Motion passed with one objection.


JROTC: James Clemens Awards event was April 20th at 6pm. There was a presentation from our post.

Boys State – One of the students, Chris Baker, from James Clemens was chosen as Governor; over 700 boys attended.

Legion Baseball

Both teams are doing very well this year.  Each game a Veteran throws out the first pitch, several of our members and Veterans from Forever Young have thrown the first pitch. Commander Vannoy will be asking other members to participate as well. Home games are played at James Clemens field, and on Wednesday the 19th of June our teams will play each other at 5:30. The schedules for both teams are on our website.  Commander Vannoy met with the publicity manager of the Trash Pandas, and we are looking to have a relationship with them in the future.

Pavers – There was an order to put in 6 more pavers and we need to order one more for a correction previous order. Stacey Harring suggested the post pay for a paver for the two local soldiers that have been killed and volunteered to contact the family. Dave Silvernail made a motion to approve the 2 pavers, and Mike Marcel seconded; motion approved.

Blue Star Banner – If you know of anyone who is eligible and would like one, please let Earl Watts know. Stacey Harring has 11 soldiers deploying in the unit she commands and sent them out to their families.

POST 229 Auxiliary – The Auxiliary met this evening and they voted in their officers; they also did poppies for Memorial Day and raised about $800.

NAVFOC –   Please check our calendar for all the local events going on.  Tut Fan activities coordinator gave a presentation of events going on and asked local organizations to consider helping out with additional events, or donate to help current events.  Stacey Harring sent our logo to be added to the website.

Boy Scouts Troop 201 –The troop is still looking for merit badge counselors; let Commander Vanoy know if you are interested in helping out.          Looking for electrician or carpenter.  David Silvernail asked if we could put a paver or name plate at the burn pit to commemorate the Eagle Scout project. Stacey Harring made a motion, Earl Watts seconded; approved by the group. 

Old Business:  None

New Business:

Commander Vannoy met with the Street Dept. and there will be signs put in at the Veterans Park saying that it’s maintained by the post.

We have a needy Veteran who has contacted the post for financial help.  Commander Vannoy will talk with her and take it to the officers, the ladies auxiliary and possibly some other organizations for assistance.


-Election of Officers:  The ceremony was presided by Mr. Anthony Bush

The following officers were sworn in:

Judge Advocate: Chris Brown

Sergeant of Arms: Mike Marcel  

Chaplain: Andy Caudle

Historian: Richard Blanton, Jr.

Finance Officer/Treasurer – Robert Kirby

Adjutant: Stacey Harring

Second Vice: Tommy Whitten

First Vice Commander: Earl Watts

Commander: Larry Vannoy


The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 pm